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Crossing the river by feeling the stones

We live in a competitive world. That competition forces change. It has always forced change. Change is normal. The question is not whether our organizations will change, that’s a given, but can we see this change before it hits us, do we know where we’re heading or are we simply floating aimlessly being carried by a river? It certainly feels that way sometimes.

To answer the question we need to understand our landscape, the economic forces at play, the context we operate within and our situational awareness of this. Can we navigate the waters, can we see a storm coming or are we being battered by rocks because we refuse to look?

During this talk we will examine the level of situational awareness within business and why it matters. We will focus in on the transformation in the IT industry, the rise of serverless and the future of conversational programming.

Watch the full talk below:

Simon Wardley

Simon Wardley


Simon Wardley is a British researcher and former CEO best known for the creation of Wardley mapping.

Photo credit: Tiania Lea - , CC BY-SA 4.0