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The Creation Myths of Computing

Computing is an act of worldmaking. We craft systems and tools, authoring new worlds. The construction of a program, in process and in output, is the architecting of an environment. How do we consider this shaping from a pluriversal standpoint, and what new worlds do our constructions invite? Computing is a way of thinking, shaped by and shaping our social imaginaries. We take special responsibility as stewards of imaginaries afforded by the tools we shape, where computing can be a powerful accelerant to immerse ourselves in alternative futures.

Let’s carve out what comes into shaping the creation myths that underscore technologies: In examining our role as technologist-worlders, we see what we draw from processes of ecological systems, pluriversality, and dwelling—withdrawing from thinking about computation in an isolated lens, instead better inhabiting the environments we construct. To create a construction myth, we explore narrative, and authorship in the context of computation.

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Chia Amisola

Chia Amisola

Product Designer @ Figma

Chia Amisola is an internet / ambient artist. They are a Product Designer at Figma and the Founder of Developh, a critical technology institute in the Philippines, and the lead of the Philippine Internet Archive. Their (web)site-specific art explores worldmaking on the internet to construct spaces, systems, and tools imagining a world where creation is synonymous with liberation with strategies of tooling, constraint, compression, & defaults to simultaneously dwell within & reinvent technologies as a Filipino tech worker. Towards ambiences & invisibles of technology, their work concerns obscured labor & intelligences, low technology, memory, and poetic & radical reclamations of the internet that highlight the most human part of technology — its people.