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Querying Decentralized Data in Rhizomatic Systems

Shifting storage and compute toward the far edge reflects an extreme departure from traditional cloud-based architectures, bringing with that shift a new set of challenges for application developers. Rhizome is a decentralized database for InterPlanetary Linked Data that embraces these challenges to open up new ways of thinking about consistency, interoperability, and privacy.

This talk introduces the ideas underpinning Rhizome, and demonstrates how they come together to empower developers to build and reason about new types of peer-to-peer and decentralized applications.

Watch the full talk below:

Quinn Wilton

Quinn Wilton

Applied Researcher @ Fission

Quinn is an applied researcher at Fission, where she spends her time experimenting with new ways of building and composing systems together. Lately, that’s meant building a decentralized edge database for supporting end-to-end encrypted applications over IPFS. In her free time, she watches way too much film, and occupies her nights with archaeological dives into dead and forgotten programming languages.